About us

UDAAN The Digital School

The School has continued to build and extend its commitment to enhancing its facilities.

UDAAN The Digital School’s academic ethos focuses on encouraging the students to utilise their talents, and develop their intellectual and creative interests so that they remain interesting and interested person for the rest of their professional and personal lives. The students need to understand their own culture and history, as well as their own geographical, scientific and spiritual theory and language. The school’s academic environment is constructed such that the students are able to develop their knowledge and interest in these areas.

UDAAN The Digital School is empowered by the vision to nurture and promote unhindered knowledge-seeking and make it a premier institution of the nation. Choose excellence wisely; Before deciding to take admission in any school. Do not go towards big infrastructure, focus on the quality of education. The institution is primarily meant to provide quality education to all irrespective of caste, creed and colour. The school endeavours to create, intellectually developed, emotionally mature, morally upright and spiritually grown persons. We believe that education is the formation of the human person for the fulfilment of ones individual and social responsibilities.


Empowers rural India by providing quality education to children in rural areas by utilizing technology and through digital classrooms the underprivileged population.


Supports financially challenged children belonging to underprivileged families through volunteering and sponsoring them in their education the underprivileged population.